How I went from a Fan to Employee at Intern Queen

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How I went from a Fan to Employee at Intern Queen blog image

How I went from a Fan to Employee at Intern Queen

This is a guest blog post written by our Executive Assistant Anahit.

The Intern Queen team recently completed our quarterly performance evaluations with Lauren Berger (CEO) and I was instantly reminded of how far I’ve come. In less than a year, I went from an Intern Queen fan to employee! This opportunity is not something I take for granted. I see potential for self-growth and career development every day on the job (which is something every job should provide, BTW).

I’ve mentioned some significant moments that led up to my role as Executive Assistant below to walk you through the timeline of how it all happened ...

I started following @InternQueen on social media in early 2016 - I remember because I watched as the team transitioned into the LA office. Through Instagram and Snapchat, I immediately noticed that Lauren had a natural rhythm when it came to balancing her work and personal life. Even while running her own business, she provides constant motivation for all the hard working students (and fellow entrepreneurs) that are still working their way up the career ladder. We also got glimpses into her wedding planning journey and other fun stuff outside of IQ.

I started relating to her posts more and more as I prepared to graduate from community college - where I was editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, earning a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. During my last semester, I had two internships in addition to my position on the paper. At that point, my journalism professor started calling ME the “Intern Queen.” I thought: ‘There’s no way I could beat 15 internships.’

Following the advice I heard on the Intern Queen YouTube channel, I decided I wouldn’t stress out so much about finding a job right after college. This wasn’t the end of my educational journey either, so I was still interested in completing another internship ahead of transferring to a four-year university.

Upon browsing and for opportunities, I stumbled across a job posting for a campus programs assistant at the Intern Queen headquarters … this was my chance!!!! After all, I had just missed the IQ Parties because I was traveling in the summer and I wanted to be part of the magic that made events like that happen.

There is no denying that I felt a ton of pressure as soon as I sent my first email to Marisol, then-Executive Assistant. I had to make sure I was following all of the rules Lauren had laid out for us to utilize in order to make our mark with employers.

Once an interview was scheduled, the nerves faded and excitement kicked in. I felt prepared. I already knew so much about the company by simply following along on social media and minimal research was necessary to realize that I could really see myself working with the existing IQ team.

When I finally met Lauren and Margie, there was instant understanding and ease of communication. Something good was about to happen, I felt it in my gut … kinda like Olivia Pope. It was so great knowing they had faith in me and saw my potential as I was offered the position a few days later. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and was ready to “FIO,” figure it out!

The fangirl was laid to rest once I realized there was some real work to be done. Moral of the story: This kind of magic doesn’t happen overnight. It’s ok to be a fan (of someone or something), but don’t let that blind you from professional opportunities that lie ahead.

It was the first week of August and I was starting a new job, getting ready for school and another semester at my internship; the #IQHustle was strong! I always try to make myself available without being spread too thin, but seeing my work influence the structure of a company is highly satisfying.

I think we all realize that not everyone has that kind of time or ambition, but if you’re reading this, then you probably do. It’s a mixture of patience, understanding and willingness to learn - three traits every boss is looking for.