How Intern Queen Helped Me Score My First Internship

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How Intern Queen Helped Me Score My First Internship blog image

How Intern Queen Helped Me Score My First Internship

Last semester, I was studying abroad in London and though I was actively sending in cover letters and resumes, I did not get any replies and felt a bit lost. I had never had an internship before and I was overwhelmed with the application process because I did not know what to expect in terms of the interview timeline and correspondence. In February, I came to a realization that my method of cold applying to different companies was not working out and knew that enlisting help was imperative if I wanted this internship when I got back to Los Angeles in June; I turned to Intern Queen.


Surfing Intern Queen’s website, I was able to find internships that appealed to me. It helped immensely that the application process was easy and that I was sending in resumes and cover letters via the same website and keeping all my application materials in one area. Also, since Intern Queen has a strong relationship with each of the companies that post opportunities on the site, it is unlike other mass job application sites where you don’t already have your foot in the door. Applying through Intern Queen gave me a dependable middle-woman that helped me connect on a personal but professional basis with the hiring representatives from each company, which I found was extremely helpful in scoring preliminary interviews


Around April, I landed a few preliminary interviews but none of the companies stayed in contact further. Naturally, I was a little bitter due to the rejection but I gave finding a summer internship one last try and sent a personal email to Lauren, herself, explaining my situation and that I was more than keen for an internship this summer. In response, she went above and beyond, by recommending me to two companies that I expressed interest in; I had many rounds of interviews with both of them.


When I got back to Los Angeles in mid-June, I ended up meeting with the founder of each company and was able to get a better understanding of their company’s mission, values, and what they wanted from their intern. After the meetings, I ended up saying “yes” to Copious Management, a photography management company in Beverly Grove that specializes in film and entertainment advertising. I ended up choosing this because I believed that it aligned with my career goals the most and I believed that it was the perfect culture fit.


Persistence of pursuit, though it is sometimes difficult to find the balance between tenacious and pushy, can work wonders when you express your passion and drive. In this instance, I had my sights set on a summer internship and I reached out to my contacts to help me accomplish my goal. The network of support that I have found through Intern Queen has helped me advance in my career goals and I appreciate that the company empowers women in the workplace. This company forms, maintains, and honours genuine relationships with the companies and the young women they work with and I believe that this is what has made Intern Queen so successful.


About the Author

Donee Chin is currently a senior at the University of Southern California, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Advertising and Dance. You can follow her Instagram here: @prima_donee