How an Internship Can Help You Choose Your Major!

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How an Internship Can Help You Choose Your Major!

This blog was written by Kristianne, our campus ambassador from Arizona State University!

Choosing a major in college can be tough, frustrating, and downright confusing at times—I know, I changed mine at least 8 times before finally deciding on English Literature. My constant change came from all kinds of places, from not knowing what kind of career I wanted to not quite understanding what my real strengths and talents were.

What helped me to finally decide? My very first internship! I knew that I was interested in a career in fashion, but not sure what part of the industry I wanted to work in and how to get there once I figured it out. So, I applied for an internship with a fashion designer and got it. I learned so much during those four months not only about the industry, but also about myself.

Here are four things I took away from my experience and how they steered me to my current major.

  • I was flexible and willing to try anything she asked me to do, even if I had never done it before. I learned that I’m not very good at cutting fabric, but that I have a knack for describing fabric for inventory purposes.
  • I was asked to do marketing in the form of cold calling or any other creative ways I could think of. After the first three calls I knew I had to think quickly because I was so nervous I forgot an important piece of information on each phone call. So I tried emailing the boutiques with a fun message and pictures instead—it went much better!
  • I paid close attention to what was going on around me. After four months of watching the design process, I knew for sure that designing was not for me. However I loved being in the office organizing look books, communicating with jobbers, and working on special projects like creating a fabric store and designing flyers.
  • I asked for an honest evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses. Not an easy questions to ask, but the answer went something like, “Lots of girls have their head in the clouds when it comes to designing when really it is a lot of work and majority of it is innate ability, I think you are great at organizing and writing. You might enjoy editorial.”

At the end of it all I realized that the part of my internship that I enjoyed the most had a lot to do with communicating and writing. Though I still am not 100% sure what I want to do in the industry, I do know that I want it to involve these aspects in some form and what better way to prepare myself than to learn and perfect my craft.