How to Juggle Life as a College Student

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How to Juggle Life as a College Student

This blog post is written by our University of Windsor campus ambassador, Alicia D. She has her associates degree in Journalism and is currently majoring in Communications with a minor in Political Science and Spanish. She hopes to pursue a successful career in Broadcast Journalism.

As most students are now getting into the core of their classes the times are get tougher to stay afloat of our studies. Some of us may start to feel the pressure from midterms, assignments as the due dates start all pilling up. Leaving us with barley anytime for our social lives and sleep. My solution here is simple, learn how to juggle. That is learn how to juggle time for all your assignments and midterms. The trick is to be able to juggle so well that you will have time to sleep and not be MIA from your friends.

So here’s a breakdown of how to juggle, your gonna need one very important item a your cell phone. With your cell phone your going to use your alarm feature to set a time range of when your assignments are due. Instead of setting your alarm time for the exact time of your assignment being done you will being setting your alarm time to go off at the time of that day you wish to be done working on a assignment. So you can log in study hours on your phone. For example you have two midterms scheduled on the same day. So in order to have equal time to study for both you set your alarm to go off for a time for an end time of when to be done be studying for that subject, say three hours of one subject and then one or two hour break. With that break time you can watch a movie or scheduled lunch with a friend. Then set your alarm for another two or three hours of studying for your other midterm. The point of doing alarms is to just help you stay alert and have a better handle and control of your time frame for the day. Also, if you have an assignment, say it’s an essay instead of writing in your planner or calendar of the exact date it is due write the due date of your assignment about two or three dates before the actual due time. The point of this is for you to have the time to edit and perfect your assignment. Say it was a research paper those extra days could be for having your teaching assistant, grade and help edit your paper. By giving yourself those extra days it give you the chance for someone to grade your paper before it’s due. It helps you perfect it and may even influence your grade increase. just because you took the time cover most of your material needed for it.

I really it’s important to come with different techniques to help us manage our time. So if it means learning how juggle then, lets keep track so that we don’t run out of time.