How to Keep Up With Current Events as a Student

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How to Keep Up With Current Events as a Student

This blog post was written by Pruthvi Shah, our Campus Ambassador from Lehigh University.

While it’s important to stay current with both world news and industry events, our busy schedules as students can make this difficult. Here are a few tips to help students keep in touch with what is going on in the world.

1. Use a service such as the Skimm, which summarizes important news into a daily email. This makes it easy to focus on bigger events, and since it’s a summary you don’t have to go through multiple articles to really understand the main stories.

2. Take 20-30 minutes every morning to read your favorite newspaper. If you do it early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about it later in the day and you’re more likely to do it. I find that grabbing my cup of coffee and reading the Wall Street Journal allows me to start my day off right.

3. Subscribe to current events-based magazines such as Time or Newsweek. These come in handy those weeks when I barely have time to breathe and have missed most of what has happened. Who doesn’t love de-stressing with a magazine? You’ll get a sense of what the major current issues are in an interesting narrative. You should do this within your own industry, as well. For example, business majors should try to read Forbes or Fortune.

4. Use alert services provided by most major newspapers. Personally, I use the NYT alerts and I love getting a small paragraph synopsis whenever anything major happens. Since I check my email multiple times during the day, I can stay up to date without any extra effort.

I hope this helps everyone stay a little more current with the world outside of our own colleges.