How To Land A Career In Sports Writing

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How To Land A Career In Sports Writing

One of my close friends, David Simmons, is a sports buff. He loves anything and everything sports. Ironically, I met David while I was interning in Los Angeles one summer (everything links back to internships!). One of the things I admire about David is that he is always "in the know" and very up-to-date on current events in his field of interest (sports). On the site, we've often discussed the importance of staying on top of news as it relates to your desired industry.

Anyhow, David is a rock star at this. David is also great at thinking about his friends and their businesses. He always sends me tons of internship articles that relate to sports. Remember the blog post we did about Lebron James needing interns? That was all David!

This week, David sent me a link to an interview with Jason La Canfora -- CBS sports writer and famous Sports journalist. Jason mentioned the importance of internships in his interview and mentioned a few other points that I wanted to share. Here are Jason La Canfora's tips for young people interested in a career in sports writing:

• Get Internships. (See, I told you!)
• Make yourself available to work and help.
• Show up in the press box even when you don't have to be there.
• Treat the ability to "run a few quotes" like its the greatest assignment of your life.
• Read, Read, Read.
• Write, Write, Write.
• There is no substitute for writing, particularly on deadline.
• Write every day.
• Watch a game at home and try writing a story within 10 minutes of the game ending -- grab quotes off the post-game show.
• Check to see how your "practice stories" match up to the ones in the paper/internet.

Note: These tips were taken from Jason's interview with Tony Lombarti of Russell Street Report. View the full article HERE.