How to Land Your Dream Internship This Summer!

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How to Land Your Dream Internship This Summer!

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Chandra Robrock from Florida State University.

This summer, I landed an amazing fashion PR internship in New York City thanks to Intern Queen Inc. Although I worked hard for the past year in order to gain relevant experience, I learned several valuable tips thanks to Lauren Berger & other knowledgeable sources which really made landing a summer internship in New York a piece of cake.

1. THE COVER LETTER – We all know the basics of what should go in a cover letter – a brief introduction, overview of your experience, why you want to intern with this company, what you bring to the table, etc. If you are planning to intern in a different state, you MUST mention that in your cover letter. Let the employer know that you WILL be relocating to where this company is located & include dates. This connects the dots for the employer so there is no confusion as to why you are applying to their company when you live nowhere near them.

2. THE FOLLOW UP – Last year, when I was on the internship search, I never followed up with companies that I sent out resumes to. HUGE mistake. Although it may seem like you are bothering them, a brief follow up highlighting your interest in interning for their company shows that you are serious about this opportunity & eager to learn. Of course, following up does not guarantee an internship (nor does it guarantee a response), when I followed up with companies I heard back from nearly all of them. Several of them stated that they wouldn’t be interviewing for a couple of months so they asked that I email them closer to that date to set something up.

3. THE THANK YOU NOTE – This is a crucial step that should not be forgotten. If possible, send a hand written note to the employer but if you have no other way of contacting them, send a formal & polite email.  Try to make this thank you note as personal as possible by referencing your conversation and reinforcing your interest in their company. The thank you note shows that you are appreciative of their time & willing to go that extra step in order to impress them.

4. STAY ORGANIZED! – If you are applying to several different internship opportunities, you can easily get carried away. My best advice for you would be to create an Excel document which keeps track of which companies you sent your resume to, the contact’s name/email address, the date you sent your resume out & the date you followed up (if applicable). I would also keep track of their responses so you know whether or not they are interested.

I hope these tips find you well! Good luck for all of you that are currently searching for that perfect internship!