How to live healthy in your new summer city

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How to live healthy in your new summer city

This blog post if from Ashley Wayne, our Campus Ambassador from Parsons School of Design CA.

As many intern-savvy college students move off to do internships in big cities, they may leave behind the many comforts of home. We move our lives to pursue dreams outside of our college campuses, and that can include sports teams, campus gyms and your best friend running buddy. For me, I am packing up to leave my beloved New York City to intern in Los Angeles this summer. As I'm here packing away my high heels and shipping my sandals to get ready for California, I am thinking back on how healthy restaurants and places to go in New York have always kept me motivated to keep healthy in busy city life.

From the New York skylines to the Los Angles coastline, I compiled a couple of motivating ideas to stay healthy on the transition to your new intern life.

I grew up in sunny Orange County and always made my way up to Los Angeles. LA is an eclectic urban sprawl. The only problem healthy eaters will have is choosing and of course navigating the vast LA terrain. For many of you working in the film industry, Culver City has some great healthy food like Native Foods Cafe in Culver City, a cute cafe filled with delicious and diverse international food options and many vegan and organic choices. Hitting up beaching and hiking in LA is a must, and while you're there you could check out my absolute favorite Veggie Grill in Santa Monica and many other locations in Southern California, that has award winning sweet potato fries. Tender Greens is perfect for fresh unique salads that are anything but boring.

New York is known for unlimited amount of possibilities. It can be so overwhelming, it can be hard to keep in mind healthy living and exercising. For those of you leaving behind beach downs to pursue downtown living, you can escape to the outdoors. Running in New York is unlike anyplace else, navigating the busy streets is exciting and unlike anything else. For a more relaxing jog you can seek some nature while you run in places like the Highline Park (an outdoor raised park downtown), Chelsea Piers with great views of the city and of course Central Park. I love meeting new people while I'm out running so places like Washington Square park in Greenwich Village is a place to pick up running buddies, NYU friends and feel more at home with college students around. Blossom Du Jour on 9th avenue includes a Vegan Restaurant, fast-food vegan organic meals and an amazing bakery. For vegans, the most amazing dairy-free ice cream can be found at Lulas Sweet Apothecary in the Lower East side.

Overall, the fun part about moving to a new city is finding treasures on your own. In big cities, the most important thing I found is being reflective, since it's so easy to get caught up on seeing the sites, making new friends and getting involved in your internship. So as long as you keep an eye out and are aware of your health choices, your intern summer should be filled with limitless opportunities for great healthy food and fun outdoor adventure.

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