How to Make a Summer at Home a Resume Builder

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How to Make a Summer at Home a Resume Builder blog image

How to Make a Summer at Home a Resume Builder

This blog post was written by Sophia Ciancone,  our Ohio University Campus Ambassador.

Sometimes it’s important to rest, take a little bit of time off and head back to where it all started, home. It’s enjoyable and relaxing to spend a summer at home with home cooked meals, free (or cheap!) rent and endless hours of family bonding. But, your resume could take a hit while you lounge around at home for the summer! Make sure that doesn’t happen with these 5 tips:

1. Work on a personal website. Social media handles aren’t going to cut it. You need your personal brand out in cyberspace with your very own domain name. A summer at home is the perfect opportunity to get cracking on your very own website. Give it a personal touch, add some color and show off your amazing work!

2. Connect. Even if you live in the smallest of towns, the possibility of networking still exists. Your mom’s best friend’s, daughter’s teacher could know someone who could kick start a project, internship or even career for you! Never forget to network, no matter where you are.

3. Revamp your resume. It’s important to have a few different styles of your resume. Gear different copies to different types of jobs. Have one that is fun and vibrant, one that is more serious and straightforward and one that is right in between so when you need to apply for a job during the hustle and bustle of the school year you can just pull out one of these wonderful documents and ship it right off!

4. Start a project. Even with a summer job you probably have a decent amount of free time. Here’s your chance to dive into an idea you’ve been thinking about. Even just a solid start could create a great addition to your resume in the future.

5. Learn something new. There is plenty to learn and adding new skills to your resume is important! Learn to code, study a new language or discover tutorials on how to build or craft. Having a wide variety of skills is vital and helps set you apart from the competition.

So, even though you might feel like you are wasting away during a long summer at home there are plenty of things you can accomplish to beef up your resume and stun employers. Get to work!

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