How to manage it all and look your best.

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How to manage it all and look your best.

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Michelle Langer from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

So this semester I ended up biting off a lot more than I thought I could chew.  Working an internship, a job, the maximum credit load, and extracurriculars, plus I did want to see my friends periodically.  I had to learn about the glories of time management and I had to learn it pretty fast!

The most important thing I learned was, “Never let them see you sweat.”  No matter how stressful things got for me, I never showed it.  I came into work or into classes ready to learn with an eager and willing face.  I interned with someone who always showed how stressed he was and because of this our boss ended up giving me the more interesting tasks and he got the busy work because she was afraid he would not be able to handle more.

The other thing I learned is that it is okay to say “no.”  I have always been the type of person who is not able to tell someone that I cannot do it.  After I learned how to do this I found that people were less upset with me then I thought, they were actually happy that I did not take on more then I could.  The reality is this, people would rather you do less and put in 100%, then do everything and put in 50%.

Finally, it may seem simple and really straightforward, but I started to color organize my calendar and make sure that everything I need to do was written down.  I write down all my assignments and all my meetings and appointments.  This small and easy thing really helped me to make it through this semester.  My calendar may be full to the brim with all of the colors in the rainbow, but hey, I made it through the semester with barely any emotional breakdowns ;)