How Much is Too Much?

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How Much is Too Much?

As I run through my mental checklist, I start to panic. I have three meetings, two classes, and paper before my day is done. My schedule is a mess of highlighter and random post-it notes reminding of me of important tasks. I am way too busy. However, I love every minute of it. But my hectic life raises the question that many other college students face: how busy is too busy?

Of course, most students are involved in at least one organization on campus, whether it is religious, social, or professional. Campus involvement is one of the most engaging and important activities a student can do. You meet new people, make excellent connections, learn outside of the classroom, and build your resume. There is no question, being involved is highly beneficial. However, some of us are probably “over-committed”.

Over-commitment is manageable, but can also become a serious issue. Now I know the phrase, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win” but sometimes we need to cut back and reorganize our time or priorities. Here is a list of ways to tell if you might need to cut back:

Your grades are poorer than usual- it is so easy for students to put class below their other commitments, but remember why you are at school. You are there to get an education! Keep this a top priority.

You seem to be sick all the time- You are probably not getting enough sleep, exercise, or nutrition. Drink water, do not over caffeinated yourself and go to bed at a reasonable hour. A healthy body is a healthy mind.
Your only friend is your smart phone- If you are like me, your phone is glued to your hand in preparation for any form of communication. While it is fantastic to be in touch and easily accessible, remember to make time for your friends too. They keep you sane!

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms here is another list that might help you:

Talk to your advisor- they are there to help you! They want you to stay as involved as possible, however they understand what is important to students.

Delegate- if you are in a leadership role it can be difficult to trust others with a task, but good leaders are great delegators. Give the job to an eager student and check their work. They will be glad to help out!
Take a deep breath- remember to relax every now and then. Give yourself 30 minutes a day to do something that you want to do. Go for a run, watch tv, cook dinner, do anything that lets you blow off a little steam in a healthy way.

STEP AWAY FROM THE APPLICTION- do not, I repeat, do not apply for anything else! I know you think you can fit it in your schedule but you could potentially hurt another organization or your grades. It is better to be highly involved in one organization than to be stretched too thin in 10.

Stay organized- keep a planner that is well organized and update it daily. Write down all assignments, meetings, or deadlines so you will know exactly how much time you have. The more organized you are the better off you will be!

So next time you are dashing across campus, inhaling a latte, remember these tips, and don’t burn your tongue!

This blog post was written by Susan Griffiths, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Alabama.