How NOT To Get a Recommendation

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How NOT To Get a Recommendation

This blog was written by Nina, our campus ambassador from Erasmus University
Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Nina is graduating in June with a degree in International
Communication and Media.

7 Things That Won’t Get You a Recommendation Letter After Your Internship is Over:

1. Facebook

We all have that one friend that posts ridiculous things from last Saturday night or
We all enjoy clicking on that inappropriate picture, putting it into full-screen mode so we can
laugh, think of witty comments to post and which friend to forward it to. This is all okay, as
long as you’re not sitting in your office – you might think no one is watching but Murphy’s
law holds that there is someone pouring themselves a cup of coffee while having that single
perfect window of sight to your computer screen. Combine a few occasions of this with a few
long chats and a thorough three-hour profile stalk of your crush/ex/that girl that's prettier than
you and you’re officially the digital media intern your employer always wanted!

2. Showing up late

In one of my blogs I mentioned that I am the deepest, longest, coziest sleeper known to
mankind. Unfortunately my sleeping habits aren’t a valid excuse for ever being late because
I’m certain at least two of my bosses had the same problem and they’re at work two hours
before me and five hours after me. We all know traffic and alarm clocks work against us so
you can be excused if this happens once or twice, but if you keep it up then you definitely
won’t be keeping your internship for long. Not to forget, my dear fellow students, please
don’t show up late smelling like beer, wine and three packs of cigarettes – no one will forgive
you for that one.

3. Walking around barefoot

I’ve seen it. It happened. I don’t think I need to elaborate.

4. Talking like a sailor

Where I come from we could publish a three thousand page dictionary just on swear words.
We all swear, some more than others, but when you’re in a formal setting please try your best
and express your emotions using other methods. My friend’s dad is a top-notch executive at
a leading global company who swears like no one has ever heard before, he also says he does
it at work. I’m sure that's fine because of what he is now, but I doubt he cussed his way to the
top. You represent yourself and your potential at your internship: keep it classy and make sure
you monitor your work-self and your play-self.

5. Shirts, skirts and dresses that have as much fabric as a shoelace

Your office isn’t a nightclub. Girls, make sure that your shortest skirt or dress is just above
the knee and that we never see any midriff. Boys, wearing a wife-beater was fashionable in
the 90s – today, we need you need to make sure that your wife-beater has a dress shirt over it.

6. The new Jersey Shore is out!

No, it is not out until you get home. Offices usually have very fast Internet connection that
lets you download and stream all your TV shows and movies within five minutes - don’t even
THINK about it. Not only because it’s illegal but because your employer isn’t interested in
ensuring that you get your entertainment in HD.

7. Showing your boss that you’re bored

You’re never allowed to be bored at your internship; re-check all of the things you’ve done
to see if you made any careless mistakes. When you’re done with that, take initiative and ask
if there is anything anyone needs help with. If no one does, approach your boss and ask the
same question. In some twisted way you’re implying that you’re bored, but it’s perceived as
being motivated, dedicated and interested in your internship.