How One College Grad Hunts For Her Dream Job

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How One College Grad Hunts For Her Dream Job

This is a blog written by our former USF Intern Queen Campus Ambassador turned Intern Queen Job Blogger, Cat. We look forward to following her journey as a new job seeker! Go Cat! If you&d like to blog for us and you are in the Tampa area, please comment on this blog, and Cat will connect with you.

When I was little, the idea of a career had no boundaries in my mind. Not only could I be a veterinarian, president and everything in-between, but also I most certainly could land that dream job with the pure ability to impress the interviewer with my imaginary talents. As a soon to be graduate, I am not here to repeat the broken record about the lack of jobs and an unfavorable economy, so instead I will share my tips on how I am going above and beyond in the job hunt using a slight twist.

The first step was to do a thorough dusting of my imagination, which luckily I found somewhere underneath my Skip-it and pile of Beenie Babies. Once I had that secret weapon in hand I brainstormed all the ways to go about landing a job, let alone my dream job (Ahem, Ellen Degeneres’s assistant).

For the most part the steps I am taking are the same most applicants are, but the crucial element to my job search is my personal twist.

The steps I have taken thus far to set myself up for success are:
1. Start with things in my control. I created a unique resume that encompasses my own style to stand out from the rest. With that I have letters of recommendation, multiple internship and brand ambassador experiences and published work to compliment my resume. I have been working on this for the past few semesters in hopes to stand out in the crowd once I graduate.
2. I use any opportunity to network and freelance. Whether I am networking with fellow classmates or possible future employers, I am adamant to making those connections because that’s how I get leads on job opportunities before they get posted to the general public. I have also started freelancing work in order to grow my resume and get my name out there.
3. I am using the typical job search websites along with groups and chats on social media sites that post job opportunities daily allowing me to find jobs I am interested in.

4. Although tweeting Ellen D. daily has not paid off thus far, I am continuing to be determined on every level of my job hunt because I refuse to lack any sense of motivation until I succeed. I think this is the key component for newly grads to possess.

I have come to realize it is important to job search in ways that express your talents and expertise. If you are creative and artsy- go outside of the box and make videos or websites that let you shine. Don’t sit around and wait for a job to fall in your lap, grab the bull by the horns and get motivated! If are stuck waiting for responses, spend that time gaining experience rather than sitting on the couch. If all else fails, pray to the Twitter gods that Ellen or Conan choose you to be their next employee!