How One Student Kicks Off Her Job Search After Graduation

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How One Student Kicks Off Her Job Search After Graduation

This is the first of Neli&s new job blog series. Neli is an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from University of North Texas who just graduated. Get ready for more updates on Neli&s job search - coming soon!

I kicked off my post-graduate job search by looking for jobs online. The basic job websites I looked at were, Career, and For those who live in the Dallas area, there is a great source called All of the positions listed there range from intern to senior levels.

It seems like a new trend for agencies is to hire post-grad interns. Most of the interns are chosen early on in the spring for the summer session, so it’s important to apply early. If you didn’t catch the summer deadline, prospects can apply again in May or June for the fall semester.

Another tip is to use Twitter. Many searches were made specifically for employers to post jobs and for prospective employees to find a lead in their job hunt. Some of the great searches include #EntryPR, #HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out) and #PRSSA. Also, make some time to join one of the PR-related chats to connect with more students and employers. #PRStudChat (PR Student Chat), #PR20Chat and #u30pro are some ones I’ve enjoyed. You get to meet a lot of people who are in the same boat as you and establish some great connections.