How To Organize Your Internship Search

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How To Organize Your Internship Search

This blog was written by our Clemson University Campus Ambassador, Laura Morton

Over break, I made it a goal of mine to get organized for my summer internship search.
I’m hoping to spend this summer interning in NYC, so I wanted to make sure I started my
search early so that I wouldn’t miss any deadlines. Here are a few things that helped me
get a good start on my search:

• Research companies
Since I’m hoping to intern in NYC, I only researched companies in NYC
that I am interested in interning for. I also used this time to research the
companies and find any information about their internships. Reading
company blogs is another great way to find out more about the company.
This step can be time consuming, but it is definitely necessary and helpful
for your search.

• Make a spreadsheet of companies you want to apply for or have programs you are
interested in.

I listed the company name, pay, hours, website link, contact name,
program dates, and application deadlines

• Make necessary phone calls
Some of the companies I was interested in didn’t have any information
about internships on their website, so I called to find out more about
them. I also called to find a contact name to address my cover letter to
if the website didn’t list anyone. I found this to be very helpful because
usually the person I spoke with would just tell me to email my information
directly to them.

• Make notes of when you sent your information
On my spreadsheet, I have a column for any notes I may need to know,
such as when I sent my information, who I spoke with on the phone, when
I might hear back, etc. This is also helpful for when I start to follow up
with potential employers.

• Gather together any documents you may need to send
This is the time to ask bosses to write letters of recommendation, choose
a writing sample to send if needed, tweak your resume and cover letter,
update your list of references, or secure a copy of your transcript.

These are just a few tips I have found to be helpful in searching for my summer
internship. I hope they are helpful to you and would love to hear any tips additional tips
you may have.

Image Source: Billie Streufert