How to Outperform Busy People

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How to Outperform Busy People

This blog was written by Elizabeth Solomon, a summer Intern Queen intern. Elizabeth is a junior at Mizzou studying Strategic Communication. Learn more about her here:

During my summer internship with Intern Queen, Inc. I was told to order a book that would help me develop my skills for the business world. I ordered the book called “Getting More Done: 10 Steps for Outperforming Busy People” by Chris Crouch, because I always find myself drowning in to-do lists, calendars, and emails. The book really helped!

It started off talking about a simple method of organization using index cards, and writing the top priorities for the day on 10 cards and flipping them over when done. This really helped me, since I was able to physically see when things were getting done, and it kept me motivated through my shift!

Another topic brought up by the book is email. To be more specific, the topic was “Absolutely Ruthless E-mail Management”. It was suggested to have a game mentality when going through email— the goal is to win, or have no emails left in your general inbox by the end of the day. This sounds daunting, so Crouch suggests setting aside a block of time to go through your inbox for the first time. I now print out important emails to put in the hanging file method (talked about in chapter 2) and use email folders for the rest!

And the most interesting part of the book, to me, was the networking ideas. These days everyone tries to make as many connections as possible in the hope that, when needed, someone will have the connection to the person you want to talk to and will give you that connection. But it doesn’t always work this way! Crouch says to instead, develop a circle of about 20 people with whom you can exchange skills, connections, and favors. These people should be diverse in their skills and assets, and all should have a good connection with you, rather than just being an acquaintance. This will help you simplify your life, because when you need help on a project or find yourself overloaded, you can ask for their help and they can ask for yours later.

I found this book to be extremely helpful in my internship this summer, and I know it will have a permanent place on my bookshelf in years to come! You can order it for yourself here: