How to Perfect the Webcam Interview

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How to Perfect the Webcam Interview

I have some exciting news to share: Internships ARE attainable through webcam interviews! And I can prove it. For those of you who have dream internships located across the country (me), it can be intimidating to apply. Sometimes I think I have no chance against the locals, but thanks to programs like Skype, we are able to apply AND interview with companies across the nation.

Like many others, I was hesitant a webcam interview would do as much justice as an in-person interview, but I’m here to tell you that it can be enough. I just landed an internship across the country via one Skype interview and it feels amazing. Whether you have a webcam interview coming up or you think you might sometime in the future, I wanted to fill you in on how to nail it.

1. Look into their “eyes”
Look right into the camera when you are talking. When we video chat, most of us have a tendency to look at the computer screen because that is where the action is, and you want to see how you look, but this can be extremely distracting. If you were doing an in-person interview, you would look at the person, so do the same when you are talking during a webcam interview. Tip: Make the video of yourself smaller than the video of your interviewer.

2. Dress like you’re there
I hope everyone knows to dress professionally even for a webcam interview, but I want to make sure you know that includes the waste down! Recently, I made the mistake of just dressing the top portion of my body professionally because I figured that is all the interviewer would see. Little did I know I was going to bring my leg up on my chair while I was talking to reveal I had gym shorts on! Don’t let this happen to you, it may come off as extremely unprofessional and lazy.

3. Pick a good location
Make sure to have the webcam interview in a quiet place. Nothing is worse than getting distracted by dogs barking or people yelling at you. Make sure you will not be distracted by anything for at least an hour. Also, make sure the background of your location is appropriate and that there is good lighting. The best option would be in front of a plain colored wall. If you don’t pay attention to what is visible in the background, you may have inappropriate pictures or items there for your interviewer to see.

This blog was written by Tara A. who is a Campus Ambassador from the University of Maryland!