How Pinterest Can Help You Land Your Dream Internship

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How Pinterest Can Help You Land Your Dream Internship blog image

How Pinterest Can Help You Land Your Dream Internship

Laura Straub is a Campus Ambassador from Ohio University in Athens.

The process of researching a company pre interview is painstaking. You need to know the ins and outs of the brand so you can ask the right questions, have the most up to date information and ultimately land the position. Unfortunately sometimes that information is scattered and hard to find. This is where Pinterest comes in.

That’s right; Pinterest is no longer restricted to recipes for junk food, workout tips and pictures of kittens. Now many major companies are ‘pinning’ as a means of directly reaching their consumers. The savvy intern applicant can also use these pins as a means to get to know their dream company on a personal level.

Often a company’s pins are the best and brightest of what they have been doing lately, all summarized on convenient boards. All you have to do is thumb through to learn about a magazine’s newest articles or a company’s newest project.

Once you find your favorite pins organize them on your own pin boards. Use them to brush up every time you have a new encounter with that company, and follow their account for constant updates.

If the company decides to take a peek at your Pinterest account (no social media is safe in this technology driven world!) they will be impressed that you keep up with their content and you will make an impact on their intern coordinator. And really isn’t that what we all want to do?