How To Prepare for Your First Internship

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How To Prepare for Your First Internship

This is a guest blog post written by our former intern Fariza Rusdi.

So you've landed your first internship and now you have no idea what to expect. First off, congratulations! Getting your first internship is always the hardest and hopefully your next one will be easier to get now that you have experience under your belt. Typically internships last for 3 months or longer depending on your employer. How do you prepare for 3+ months of work? Here are my 5 tips:

1) Find out what type of working environment you're going to be in - Most of the time internships require you to come into the office about 12-15 hours (sometimes more, sometimes less). However, there are internships that are virtual.This means you will be spending your time on a computer and you can work remotely. You can stay at home or work at your local Starbucks. There can be times where you can do both! 

2) Compensation - This can come in any form whether its monetary, stipend, college credit, or a reimbursement. Most internships are unpaid but you can find paid ones if you look hard enough. Don't be bummed out if it isn't! The whole point of an internship is to build your resume and gain experience. That is something money can't buy. If it is unpaid make sure you have some money on hand just in case you may need it to complete a task. You should be reimbursed at the end. 

3) Expect nothing, but be prepared for anything - Be flexible especially if you work in a high volume environment. Things should be consistent but be prepared for any task to be given to you. You will most likely need to multitask but if it's getting too much, don't be afraid to speak up.

4) Ask for help - If you are ever stuck with a situation and you can't seem to find a solution, ask for help!  Don't feel intimidated or feel that you are annoying them, after all you are an intern and they are supposed to help you. It's better to ask than make a mistake that could've been avoidable.

5) Be positive - At the end of the day an internship is just like a job. You are there to do work. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy or even have fun. Get to know your coworkers. If you feel like you had an off day, you can always put in 110% the next day. Don't be too hard on yourself, remember you are there to learn!

Good luck!