How to Prepare For Your Virtual Internship

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How to Prepare For Your Virtual Internship

At, we’ve run a virtual internship program for almost five years, inviting select students to join our team each semester for a life-changing and beneficial learning experience. Our virtual summer interns started last week – Cindy, Morgan, and Sam. On their first day, I asked Cindy and Sam to make me a list of everything they did to prepare for their virtual internship. I included some of my tips with theirs and compiled a master list for our readers. Enjoy!  

Checklist: How to Prepare for Your Virtual Internship

•   Update your company research. Google the company and see if anything new pops up since your research before the interview.

•   Go to the company website. Make sure you read any recent blog posts or press releases. Be familiar with the content on the homepage.

•   Select your workplace. Since you will be working virtually (from your dorm or parent’s house), make sure you pick a quiet area!

•   Set up a desk for yourself. Have your computer, chargers, notebook, pens, desk lamp, and a headset for any calls you must take. I’d also suggest having a calculator and a coffee mug close by! Make sure you also have a comfortable chair as you might be sitting for a long period of time. Make sure your area also has good lighting and that your WiFi works properly

•   Prepare food ahead of time. Now you'll have your snacks/sandwich ready as soon as you are hungry!

•   Practice your communication tools. If you will be using a program like Skype make sure to get comfortable using it for instant messaging, video calls, and phone calls to ensure you understand the functionality.

•   Open important websites. For example, you might open the company site, their social media pages, and your personal/work email.

•   Open training documents. Make sure you are familiar with any materials the company gave you by day 1.

•   Write down tips for yourself. They can serve as reminders for you to do your best; for example, “start on-time”, “be punctual for calls”, “don’t be afraid to ask questions”.

•  Keep your to-do lists in one place. Use a notebook so that aren’t surrounded by several pieces of scrap paper.


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