How to Respond to a Rejection Letter

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How to Respond to a Rejection Letter

This blog post was written by Kate, our Campus Ambassador from the University of California, Davis.

Rejection is always a difficult issue to deal with. As students, we all compete for the same internship spots but due to competition and limited spots we sometimes face rejection or even no response from the company's human resources department.

I have been in this situation many times and when I received that email it bruised my ego. Once I was curious as to why I was not offered the position. Then I replied to a rejection letter asking for feedback on my interview. In turn, the hiring staff not only gave me feedback from my interview but also liked my enthusiasm for the organization and found a suitable job opening for my skills. To be honest, there is no guarantee that this kind of follow-up will work in every situation. The employee may have felt that you were not a good fit for the position. Even so, a follow-up letter can send a powerful message about your work ethnic as a professional and sincere interest in the company. In addition to that, the letter may prompt the employee to reconsider their decision. Therefore, next time you receive a rejection, I encourage you to write a follow-up letter about yourself and your enthusiasm towards the company.

If anything, thank the employee for the interview opportunity and take their feedback to heart as you apply them to your next interview. Also let them know that you are still interested in the company and to consider you for future openings. Lastly, remember to always keep your letter positive!