How to Run a Successful Company Retreat!

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How to Run a Successful Company Retreat!

Happy Wednesday everyone! A few weeks ago my team and I set a date to have our very first company retreat! I had never done this before, mainly because our team was all over the country and we couldn’t all be at one place at one certain point in time!

Since our team is now all west coast based we decided to have our first company retreat before the year ended! It was such an incredible experience to have a day to ourselves where we talk about our strengths and weaknesses and how we can help each other as a team to grow professionally!

Check out today’s new video where I go into detail on how to plan a successful company retreat and where I spill some of the details of what happened during our very first Intern Queen Retreat!

What are some of your ideas for going on a team retreat! I’d love to start gathering them for our next one!

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