How to Save Yourself if You are Drowning in an Interview

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 How to Save Yourself if You are Drowning in an Interview blog image

How to Save Yourself if You are Drowning in an Interview

This post was written by our campus ambassador Alexandra Appleby.

No matter how much we all practice and how good we might think we are at interviews, we all have had or eventually will have those interviews where everything might go wrong. We might get asked questions we don't know the answer to or we might just spit out “word vomit” and say something we don’t mean to say.

Here are some tips if you find yourself in that position:

1. Always Ask Questions- At the end of the interview you are 99% of the time going to get asked “Do you have any questions for us?” and your answer better be yes. It is important to ask question and the end even quiz the interviewer. Some questions you might want to ask is how they like their job or what is an important quality her or she wants in an employee. This might give you the chance to play of their answer and turn your bad interview around.

2. NEVER lie if you don’t know the answer- I came across this problem last week when I was interviewing for a position. I got asked a question I did not know and instead of panicking or making up a lie I simply said “ I do not know the answer to that question but I will get back to you on that.” At the end of my interview they told me how well I handled that and that they were very impressed—lets hope this lands me the position ;)

3. ALWAYS thank the interviewers - Manners are always something that people respect. At the end of EVERY interview shake hands with them look them right in the eye with a smile and thank them for their time opportunity to interview with them. This will leave a good last impression in their mind and might hopefully open that door for a second chance.

4. Write a recovery letter- Sometimes in an interview we don’t get to sell ourselves as much as we would have liked to. If you write a letter to the employer saying that you for their time and briefly highlight your skills and talents that letter just might be the one to land you your dream job.