How to Set Up a Semester of Success

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How to Set Up a Semester of Success

This blog is written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Megan, from Champlain College. She rocks! If you want to write for us email us on our site or comment on this blog!

Here&s your semester prep list:

  1. Fill your planner (or any other organizational tool):  Get ready for that tedious class/work/internship schedule!  Write all of your classes, work schedules, and internship schedules in one place so you can see everything that you have going on all at once.  Don’t forget to include the locations of your classrooms—at least for the first few weeks!  This makes scheduling appointments and dates much easier in the long run.
  2. When can you eat?  After you know your schedule, look ahead to see if there are any days when you might not be able to get to sit down and have lunch or dinner.  Make sure to stock up on snacks and a cool water bottle to bring with you on those days you know you won’t have time for food.
  3. Block out some “me” time: You don’t want to be that student with a month left in the semester breaking down in the middle of class because everything just suddenly became too overwhelming.  Schedule some regular ‘me’ time and don’t let anyone try to double-book you!  (Unless it’s to get something important done when you have NO other available time or option).  You should be somewhat flexible with your schedule, but also firm when need be.
  4.  Do you have time to sleep?  I’ve tried doing the whole 5hrs/night of sleep thing.  It doesn’t last very long.  To be at your best during the day and amidst the rest of your hectic schedule, do your best to get at LEAST 6-7hrs/night.  This may require you do to do more in your half hour time blocks between class and work so you don’t have leftover homework that requires you to stay up later.  That’s okay!  Learn to multi task!  If you take a bus, subway, train, or trolley to get from one place to another, bring one of your textbooks with you and read a chapter en route! 
  5. Got singles?  Keep a few one dollar bills in your bag somewhere.  In the event that you are tied up somewhere, you can at least get a drink or a snack from a vending machine or convenience store.  Be sure to replace them once spent, just in case!

By checking off these 5 items, you are ready to start off your semester right!  Time management is an important piece to doing well and succeeding in college.  Keeping yourself organized is over half the battle!  Good luck! Comment below with your tips and tricks for getting ready for the semester.  What best helps you prepare to get your head in the game?