How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

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How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

It’s obvious that young people are starting YouTube channels left and right. In fact, we noticed that some of our interns and campus ambassadors were starting their own channels, so we had to ask them: how are you doing this? How did you take this from just an idea to something real? I talked to one of our current campus ambassadors, Madison Elliott from Quinnipiac University and one of our current interns, Cindy Nguyen from Pace University, who are starting to build their YouTube empires! Here are some of their tips:

1. Stop Talking & Starting Doing. Madison says, “drop everything and start right away! I always hear people talking about these great ideas and dreams that they have and I'm like... what's stopping you from achieving them?”

2. Don’t Fear RejectionThere is always fear of rejection when we embark on any adventure – don’t let it get in the way of trying to do what you want.

3. It’s Not About Money, It’s About Content. When we spoke to Madison, she said that she would often make up excuses in her own mind for not starting her channel, such as  not having professional cameras or lighting for her videos and thinking no one would watch them. She said that when it comes down to it, the resources aren’t what matter – it’s the content. She starting filming on her iPad in front of a window for solid lighting because that’s all she had. She’s had her channel for 6 months now and was finally able to invest in a nice professional camera.

4. Invest the Time and Effort. Adding to that, Cindy says, “Sure, you may not have the fancy editing programs or HD cameras, but with effort and time put into filming on your digital camera and editing on Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, your video may turn out to be a polished and favorited YouTube hit!”

5.  Find Your Niche. Try to have a clear vision as to what you want your YouTube Channel to look like. Cindy says, “I focused on all things beauty so my subscribers know what my future videos will look like. It's hard have a YouTube Channel with a bunch of random videos... most YouTubers have a separate "vlog" channel to talk about advice or just daily life.”

6. Think Outside the Box. It is so hard to compete with the millions of YouTubers out there, so just try to be original and think of your own ideas. Even if you got inspired by another person's video make sure to add your own personal twist to it.

7. Reply to Your Subscribers. Cindy encourages everyone to do this. She says, “Your interaction with your fans will help show that you are making videos for them and that you appreciate their support.”

Do you have a YouTube channel? Share the link below and let us know what YOUR best tips are!