How to Stay Motivated with Any Job

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How to Stay Motivated with Any Job

This post was written by Anna Hicks, a freelancer who also blogs at

Unfortunately, not every job is going to be a laugh riot. In reality, you'll probably come across many jobs that are not going to be very exciting. However, it is still important to do the best job that you can do, no matter how bored you might find your work. With any job, it's better to work hard, with integrity, and prove to your employer (and most importantly, to yourself) that you're willing to do the work that is required without complaining or letting your quality of work slide.

The ability to do well at a less-than-fantastic job will help you get your foot in the door at jobs that are closer to what you really want. Motivation in the workplace can be as simple as a sticker in your locker that gets you going to something more involved to a whole new mindset of productivity. It is possible to excel in a job that you don't like, and the potential rewards for your hard work are incalculable. Here are some things to know about staying motivated.

Your Boss Always Has Pull

Don't assume that your boss does not understand how menial or how boring your job may be - they're the boss of the place! The boss knows that there are some positions that are filled by people who have their eye on the prize, willing to buckle down and work hard toward promotions within the organization, or a better position in other places. Motivations is difficult, but if you pull your weight, you can come across as extra productive and efficient, especially if those around you don't show the same enthusiasm.

Set Yourself Up for Greatness

To deal with the other unmotivated employees (not you, hopefully!), bosses might consider bringing in outsider companies and rewards programs to keep their employees motivated, and if you're already working hard, you're already set up to claim the benefits of such programs. O.C. Tanner is just one of the many motivational specialist companies that are often brought in to boost employee morale and productivity, as well as, to cut down on employee burnout and turnover.

Be Your Own Solution

Look, work can be difficult. Dealing with an uninteresting and monotonous workload is already tough, stacked on top of a job that might offer little in terms of employee appreciation, respect, and promotions. However, you are not working for your boss so much as you are working for yourself - if you work hard, you get back what you put in. Really.

Don't think that your manager's unawareness or any notion of a glass ceiling in a company negates this. If you stay motivated, work hard, and stay that way despite everything that tells you not to, watch out - you might find yourself faced with a promotion, a raise, or even a better job opportunity entirely. People like hard workers, and they find motivation and inspiration in them. Be that person! Be the one who works hard, who helps others, and you'll be amazed at how much help you might get thrown at you from others.