How to Stay Motivated In the Internship Search

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How to Stay Motivated In the Internship Search

Q: I’ve applied for several different internships on this site and I haven’t heard back. What’s wrong with my application? What do I do?

A: Hold tight and don’t be alarmed! Every single employer we work with has a different timeline in terms of finding spring and summer interns and usually – they are running very late. To make sure you are getting the most out of, make sure you upload both a resume and cover letter and they are tailored to the company you are applying for. Don’t send the same materials to every single employer. An employer can quickly read a cover letter and know it’s generic. Additionally, make sure you check the location of each posting. We do get some complaints from employers about students who don’t live in specific locations applying to internships. If you plan on relocating or being in a specific location (like NYC or LA) for the Fall you have to state that in your cover letter. If you go to MIZZOU but apply to an internship in New York City, you have to explain to the employer that you’ll be in New York City this Fall. You have to connect the dots for the employer.

Additionally, this is Intern Queen – we are real people behind the site! Email us. We have personal relationships with the companies on the site and we are happy to try and help. Email with any issues!

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