How to Stay Optimistic

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How to Stay Optimistic

This blog post was written by Danielle Bennett, our New York University Campus Ambassador.

So maybe this summer instead of lounging in your apartment in Chelsea or subletting an amazing apartment overlooking the golden gate bridge in San Francisco you're back in your old bedroom, in your parent’s house in the suburbs. Both environments can provide you with an amazing summer to look forward to with just a few simple steps. So start right now, take advantage of the situation you are in and try to always maximize your utility wherever this summer takes you.

You can do this by:

1. Attend events. Finding Facebook TO-DO events in your city that will get you out of your comfort zone.

2. Complete your to do list. Get around to completing that TO-DO list that you have been putting off all year or learn a new language with Duolingo or pick up a new trade such as rock climbing, cooking or photography 

3. Reconnect with old friends.  Get in touch with old friends or make new friends by reaching out to acquaintances that you saw doing cool thing throughout the year or who signed up for similar events as you on Facebook and asking them out for coffee.

4. Save money. Take advantage of being at home by SAVING all of your money for future trips you can take throughout the summer and the next school year.

5. Quality time. Spend some quality time with your family

6. Plan ahead. Plan out your next school year, so you can ace next your classes in the Fall and land next year’s badass dream internship

Sometimes the best way to have an amazing summer is to take advantage of every opportunity given to you and (I know it is corny, but…) try to see the positive in every situation and take this summer to reflect on the year you had and what tangible goals you can set in your academic and personal life for your next year to be even better. Now you beautiful person, stay positive and enjoy this all expense paid summer. You deserve it!