How to Stay in Touch With Past Internship Coordinators

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How to Stay in Touch With Past Internship Coordinators

If you've heard me speak before, you know my rule on staying in touch with professional contacts. You stay in touch with all of your professional contacts, past internship coordinators, past employers, and past co-workers three times per year! At my presentations I dance around the stage screaming this from the rooftops! I'm no longer in school but I still follow the semester schedule. Once during the fall, spring, and summer - I reach out to my professional contacts to say hello.

The reason to do this is because you want people to remember who you are and to cultivate stronger relationships with professionals. The idea here is that you are reaching out just to say hello and not because you need something. Students tend to only get in touch with professional contacts when they need something - a job, resume advice, a letter of recommendation, an introduction to a colleague. Get in the habit of reaching out consistently just to say hello and not to ask for anything.

Here's an example, let's stay I go to University of Central Florida and I'm almost done with my junior year. I haven't stayed in touch with my internship coordinator, Julie, from last summer. I want to reach out just to stay in contact with her. I don't need anything at the moment. My email could look like this:

Hi Julie,

Hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out and say a quick hello. It's internship season again and I'm about to start my search. The process made me think about last summer and what a great time I had with you and your team.

I hope to stay in touch!

Lauren Berger

For more information on how to stay in touch with internship coordinators and professional contacts, read my internship book, All Work, No Pay.