How Vietnam Changed My Outlook

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How Vietnam Changed My Outlook

This blog was written by Sandhya, our campus ambassador from Ohio University!

This month, I spent two weeks in Vietnam and it was an experience that I will never forget. You may be looking at internships or study abroad opportunities for the summer right now. Deciding on studying abroad definitely has its positives & negatives. If you’re considering studying abroad you should consider these few things:

  1. Culture – Visiting another country is a great way to learn about another culture.  When I was in Vietnam, I learned about the culture of the people through my interaction with students & shop owners. You can also visit museums or other sites in the country you’re in that are important to the culture of the country. For example, in Vietnam, I visited several Buddhist pagodas & a Vietnam War museum.
  2. Food--Trying new food may give you ideas on what you may want to cook in the future or learn what you really don’t like eating. You can try the local fruits or the local “favorite” dish & see how it compares with the restaurant in your town.
  3. Language—Going to a different country will give you the chance to learn a few words of the language or a chance to practice and get better at the language you’re already learning. In my case, I learned a few words, like how to say “thank you” & “can I have the bill?” This can help you realize how different languages can be & how different people interact.
  4. Money—Going abroad can be expensive depending on where you travel. For example, my flight to Vietnam was expensive, but because of the exchange rate, everything else was pretty inexpensive. Set a budget for yourself & look at the different exchange rates for places if you’re looking to save some money.
  5. People— Studying abroad is a great way to meet new people, especially people that you may have never gotten to meet in your college or town. You can meet other tourists or students that are studying abroad.

Overall, my study abroad experience changed my views on the world and the way I see the Vietnamese culture. So if you’re unsure about it, consider these five things. You can also refer to my blog to learn more about my study abroad experience at