How to wear bright summer colors in the office

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How to wear bright summer colors in the office

This blog post was written by Victoria, our Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University.

Summer clothing entails bright colors, and vibrant patterns. However bright colors can sometimes make you stand out when interning in an office. So how exactly can you bring in those summer colors appropriately? Here are a few options:

1. Wear one bright colored piece, and keep the rest of the colors very simple. If you're going to wear bright turquoise skinny jeans, try to pair it with a black top, black cardigan, and black heels. That way you don’t have too many colors going on, and all of the black will tone down the turquoise and keep it appropriate.

2. Wear bright colored accessories. Instead of wearing your favorite bright colored top, try and find any accessory in your favorite summer color. For example, you could wear any solid color dress, and then off set it with bright coral colored earrings and bracelets. That way you have the pop of color, and it’s still kept appropriate.

3. Wear bright colored patterns on small pieces. Wearing a bright colored pattern that completely covers a dress is really going to draw attention. Instead, wear a bright patterned top, with a cardigan over. You have a pretty pattern, and it’s still kept appropriate for interning!

So before you rule out those amazing summer colors in the office, try to work with a few of them. You’re sure to be the brightest intern in the office!