How Will You Land Your Dream Job?

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How Will You Land Your Dream Job?

Caitlin Pfaff is a junior majoring in Marketing at The Florida State University. She is involved on campus with the Student Alumni Association, the Student Foundation, and her sorority, Alpha Phi. She is currently looking for a great Marketing internship for Summer 2012.

Do you know exactly what your dream job is? Have you ever wondered about how you can land it and be living your dream?

Lately during my internship search, I have been trying to look at things from an analytical perspective so I understand how to make myself marketable. I was looking online at an internship and looked into more about their company and what their expectations and requirements were in an intern. I then looked at my resume to figure out how my skills and experiences were relatable to what they company was looking for.

When I had the chance to speak with them, I had an easy time understanding what they were explaining to me and I was able to easily express how I could benefit their company. This helped me leave a favorable impression.

Do you think that this tactic could help you land your dream job or internship? What are some methods you use?