How Your Blog Can Help You Land an Interview

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How Your Blog Can Help You Land an Interview

This blog post was written by Sandhya, our Campus Ambassador from Ohio University. Sandhya is currently interning at CNN in Atlanta this summer.

Use your blog to help you land a job by keeping these three tips in mind:

1. Create content that is fresh & relevant.
- If you like fashion for example, write about fashion and maybe critique your favorite line this season or a fashion show that you may have recently gone to. Keep it current!

2. Keep it clean.
- Use your blog to show your voice, but remember to keep it clean! Don’t use words that you wouldn’t use in a job interview or in a professional setting. Also, proofread your posts, so you don’t end up making silly mistakes that could’ve easily been fixed. Be neat!

3. Let your talent shine.
- Do your research or read other blogs and see what they are doing to grab your audience’s attention. Show your audience that you really know what you are talking about!

With these three tips in mind, you’re on your way to making a successful blog. Link your blog to your Twitter and tweet at people that you may think it may be useful to. Someone may see your blog post in a tweet or a retweet, so always be prepared to use it professionally or even during an interview to show that you can contribute something to the company!