How Your Smartphone can help you lose weight...and fast!

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How Your Smartphone can help you lose weight...and fast! blog image

How Your Smartphone can help you lose weight...and fast!

This post if from Natalia, our Campus Ambassador at the University of Connecticut.

Were often on our iPhones or Androids checking our emails, updating statuses, or even sending tweets. But we’ve never thought that these devices could actually help us loose weight and keep track of our daily intake…until now. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the most essential App you should have on your phone and your new best friend, MyFitnessPal. Here are just a few of the amazing features of the app:

1.) Keep Track of everything you eat. The app is designed into a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks section. Whenever you’re consuming something just open up the app and enter it in. The app will automatically show you what you’re eating and will break down the food into as much detail as telling you how many grams of fats, cholesterol, potassium, carbs, proteins, calcium, vitamins and iron there is in one serving!

2. Set your goals. You can enter how many pounds you want to lose or gain in one week and the app will automatically design a program to meet your goals. All you have to do is input your foods in and at the end of the day the app will let you know if you’re on track or if you have eaten too much or too little.

3. Record your workouts. Whether you have just ran a marathon or walked twenty minutes from class log in your workout and MyFitnessPal will tell you how many calories you’ve burned. You can search for any type of cardiovascular or strength workout and if it’s not already programmed in the app you can enter it yourself and it will be saved for future reference.

4. Drink up that H20. There is a specific tab to record how much water you drink daily and MyFitnessPal will let you know based on your food consumption and workouts how much water you should be drinking.

Take it from me, this app works! We all have busy schedules and hectic lives but MyFitnessPal makes it incredibly easy to keep track of our health and weight loss goals. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or track your strength workouts anyone can benefit from using this App. It only takes a few minutes to input daily and can be done in the amount of time it takes you to write an e-mail. So what do you say, pull that Smartphone out and get started!