I Finished My Internship, Now What?

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I Finished My Internship, Now What?

This blog is written by our Iona College Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Rachel. If you attend Iona College and want to blog for our site, please comment on this blog and Rachel will be in touch!

There&s an array of information internship seekers can find when searching for their ideal internship to prep and help them during the internship process. However, there isn&t much to find on what to do post-internship. After completing my third internship a couple weeks ago, I started to think, "what now," as I&m sure many of you have. This is what I came up with:

1. Send a thank you note. It only takes a few minutes to write and once it&s sent, you could really brighten up your former mentor&s day. Not to mention, a physical thank-you note won&t get deleted quickly from an e-mail inbox where you might be forgotten about. I&ve seen a lot of thank-you notes hung up at desks in the offices where I&ve interned, leaving a constant reminder of you in the office long after you&ve left.

2. Keep in touch. You never know when another internship or job opportunity could come up. Chances are, your internship mentors have a lot of connections and if you&re in the market for a new opportunity, your mentors are the people you&ll want to turn to for a recommendation, contacts, or any knowledge. Touch base with your mentors every few months to keep you fresh in their minds.

3. Update your resume. Add your newest internship to your relevant experience. Make sure to include major tasks you were expected to complete more or less on a daily basis so recruiters can quickly spot key words that fit exactly what they&re looking for (which will hopefully be you)!

4. Remember your experiences. This is important for 2 major reasons. First, you&ll be asked to talk about your experiences at past internships in future job/internship interviews (ex. favorite part, least favorite part, something you learned). And second, you&ll learn more about yourself. Interning gives you an insight into the "real world" and what you&d be expected to do in a job of your major after graduation, but it can also steer you away from what you thought you&d want to do and turn you in a new direction.

5. Move forward, but don&t forget the past. Search for new internships, or if you graduated, a job. Take with you all of the things you learned at your internships (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and apply it to your future.