I Haven't Heard Back From the HR Department. What do I do?

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I Haven't Heard Back From the HR Department. What do I do?

Q: Hi Lauren,

I have been contacted by a potential internship I applied to about a month ago. I have exchanged e-mails with HR about what department I would want to work for, salary, etc. I still haven&t heard from the company if I am a definitely their intern and I need to know by a certain time in case I need to start searching for a summer job before all the good ones are gone.

How should I go about emailing them to see what my status is without seeming annoying?

- Anonymous Student

A: Hey there!

If it&s been more than 1 week since your last correspondence with the HR department, I suggest reaching out. Since it&s Friday, why don&t you wait until after lunchtime on Monday to send over an email. Send an email to whoever you were dealing with in HR that says,

(First Name, Last Name),

I just wanted to follow up with you about my summer internship and make sure all of the details were confirmed. I look forward to hearing back. Please let me know if I can send you any additional information.


(your name)

Fingers crossed!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"