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I intern 4 Internqueen.com

This is a guest post by one of Lauren&s interns, Kayla Combs.  Kayla is a Public Relations major at Appalachian State University.

When I first started interning with Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, I was like one of those girls in the front row at NSYNC concerts: kind of all melty and overly excited at the thought of the Intern Queen or anything to do with InternQueen.com. I was so excited to be working for the Intern Queen! But I have to admit, interning with the queen was pretty intimidating at first. I felt like I could mention any company or any person in the world and Lauren would know who they were. I was playing with the big kids now!

After the first week or so I wasn’t as nervous and felt a lot more comfortable with my day-to-day tasks. About a month into my internship, I was sending Lauren about 20 confused emails a day BUT still getting used to it. Now, after almost two months of interning, I feel at home. But I never thought I’d learn so much!

While I still get up every morning and put on my “I Love InternQueen.com” tshirt on under my civilian clothes, a lot has changed since starting my internship. I’m here to tell the five things I’ve learned while interning for the Intern Queen.

1.     Most of the people who work for the big companies of your dreams really aren’t as scary as you might think! (But some of them are.)

Working for the Intern Queen, I am in direct contact with at least 20 companies a day. Most people I talk to, even with their full schedules are really nice and make time to talk and work with you. I was sure that I was going to feel like Matilda vs. Ms.Trunchbull on every call I made or email I wrote. But, don’t tell them you heard it from me, but professionals are actually nice and willing to help interns (even ones that aren’t their own). AND, best of all, most even treat you like you’re a professional yourself. You’ll always run into a few who seem like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Just know that they’re the minority!

2.     I choose the best degree that any college could offer.

I am a communication and public relations major. In every class I’ve taken in college my teachers have always said: “Communication is the most important part of the job. In any job!” While I knew that communication was important, part of me just thought they were trying to make themselves feel good about their jobs. But, I was wrong. I’ve used my degree so much in the past two months that I’m thinking of giving my teachers a raise! Communicating effectively really is the most important part of being an intern!

3.     Twitter is my friend.

Twitter and I have always had a casual relationship. We were never really serious. However, after two months of working out my Twitter Muscle, I’m in love. Not only is Twitter great for networking, it’s fun! Internships are a great way to test yourself, which leads me to number 4.

4.     I know A LOT more than I thought I did.

Internships are the best way to get to know yourself and test your boundaries. You don’t know your limits or how strong you are until you’ve had a great internship that allows you to explore those things for yourself. Can’t never could, people! This is EXACTLY why internships are so important before you go out into that big and scary world!

5.     If you love what you’re doing, you’ll go far.

Finding a company that you like and one that you can be passionate about will make all the difference! You don’t have to go as far as me and act all teenage-girl-meets-boy-band, but knowing about the company that you’re interning for and finding something about that company that you feel strongly about can really change your experience. Being passionate about your internship and getting really involved will also help you be more comfortable sharing your ideas and giving your input. You could really make a difference. Not to mention how much more easily you can speak about an internship you opened up to in an interview.