I Just Graduated But I still Want An Internship!

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 I Just Graduated But I still Want An Internship! blog image

I Just Graduated But I still Want An Internship!

I frequently hear from recent grads who didn't have the opportunity to intern or didn't understand the importance of internships while they were in college. They graduate and realize that the real world isn't easy and finding a job isn't easy. They determine that even though they've graduated college - they want an internship. But how do they get one? What do they do? Is this even possible? Here are some tips!

1. Don’t lie on your resume. Even though it might sound easier to pretend you are still in college, this isn't the answer. You can move the education part of your resume to the bottom of your resume (if you'd like) but you need to make sure you clearly indicate that you graduated and what your degree was in.

2. Use the Cover Letter To Explain. I always say, "Use the cover letter to connect the dots for the employer." If you have any sort of "outstanding" or "unusual" circumstance, explain this in the cover letter. Use the opportunity to state your current situation and how you feel you will benefit from the internship and what you think you can bring to the table.

3. Watch Your Tone. Make sure that your tone doesn't come across as desperate or severely unhappy. Graduating college and not being able to find a job is a stressful situation but you want to make sure the employer understands that you won't be bringing that stress into the workplace.

4. Be Humble. If you land an internship opportunity, be grateful. Remember, just because you've graduated and feel that you need a job offer more than the other interns doesn't mean that's true. Everyone is equal at the internship and be prepared to not get any favoritism because you are older or already graduated.

5. Look for High Turnover. A great company for an intern who has already graduated is one with high turnover where there is likely to be a position that comes available over the course of your internship. Typically, companies with high turnover have over 50-100 employees and several entry-level positions (assistants or admin roles).