I Loved My Summer Internship at McGraw-Hill

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I Loved My Summer Internship at McGraw-Hill

This is a guest blog post from one of my current student ambassadors, Monika. Monika is a senior at Rutgers University, majoring in labor & employment relations, sociology, & human resource management.

Well…I did! I interned for McGraw-Hill for the Summer 2010 in their corporate division HR department as an Employee & Data Management intern. I pretty much set high standards for this internship because I’ve already had three internships before and so I narrowed down my expectations to the following:

What I Wanted:
1. To be inspired to work in the world of HR
2. Enjoy my work and be included in various MEANINGFUL projects
3. Get involved with the company

Knowing the economy was the way it was, I wasn’t expecting high involvement towards interns but boy was I in for a surprise. I had the intern recruiters calling me constantly to check on my progress and satisfaction with the program, this meant that even as an individual, my voice and participation meant something to the company. I also got a calendar of events for the summer with lots of workshops and activities ranging from community service to resume review.

What I Got:
1. Lunch with the CEO and Executive members
2. Met 150+ interns & made long-lasting relationships
3. Traveled to other business locations
4. Received a job extension till the end of 2010
5. References for grad school and fellowships

Easily said, you get out of it what you put in to it, and I made sure that I was making those first impressions lasting ones so that people not only knew me for the quality of my work but for the personality behind the work which tends to be just as impressionable. The internship program far exceeded my expectations with networking, I mean I met, ate, and chatted with the CEO of an international company! Not many other companies offer that to their interns and so I was pretty thrilled. So, you’re probably wondering what I did to make myself stand out, well….

How I Got It:
1. I put myself “out there” with my comments, outreach of co-workers, and volunteered myself for projects
2. Created projects by analyzing department needs and creatively collaborate with coworkers which led to the extension of my internship for the fall semester
3. Attended all corporate and intern events and talked with several people
4. Gave feedback as well as asked for it where ever I could

This was my best internship because of the development that I achieved through my time here but also because of the friends I made. I would say that personal development is just as important as professional development and I was able to have both this summer by making sure people saw my face, heard my well-thought-out comments, and remembered my beautiful smile… and most importantly, I had fun!