I Might Be Busy, But I Still Get My Workouts In!

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I Might Be Busy, But I Still Get My Workouts In!  blog image

I Might Be Busy, But I Still Get My Workouts In!

I'm personally a huge fitness buff. If I want to stay on top of my schoolwork and extracurricular activities AND internships, I have to stay in shape. Here are some of my Each and every day, new fitness claims appear everywhere. It is almost impossible to avoid the newest diet claims or exercise tricks. After a while, it is hard to decipher truth from myth. Here are some popular fitness myths – busted!

Carbs are the Enemy: No matter how many fitness magazines you read or websites you browse, we have all heard at least once that “carbs are the enemy.” Many people link carbs to larger waistlines. However, carbs are extremely important for proper brain function (which we all need to push through those long days of interning and tough exams). The trick is to eat the RIGHT carbs, as opposed to no carbs at all. So maybe you can skip the bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, but have some oatmeal with fresh fruit instead! Your brain will be ready to tackle your busy schedule for the day.

Hundreds of Crunches Result in Six-Pack Abs: Ever wonder why, after weeks of countless crunches at the gym, you still do not have that six-pack that you desire? By performing endless crunches, you do not work your abs but instead strain your back. The best way to sculpt your dream stomach is to work your entire core: hips, waist, abdominals, obliques and back. Try a Pilates class to learn safe and efficient exercises that will REALLY result in a six-pack.

As Long as You Work out, You Can Eat Whatever You Want: So maybe you indulged on a delicious donut for breakfast, and could not put down that bag of potato chips all afternoon. But it is okay because you took an intense spin class this morning right? Wrong! Losing those last few pounds and burning excess fat can only occur when you balance your nutritional intake with your exercise activity. Don’t reverse your hard work at the gym with a large pizza for dinner!

The Scale Says it All: If your relationship with your scale is becoming serious, break up before you fall into the trap! Your weight has very little to do with your health and fitness level. Muscle weighs more than fat. If you are hard at work at the gym for a few weeks and that number on the scale increases, it could be the result of an increase in muscle mass…which is a good thing! Do not let the number on the scale dictate your fitness success. Instead, see how your clothes fit and how your body feels overall.

Weightlifting Will Bulk You Up: You want a toned body, but you avoid weights like the plague because you do not want to bulk up. This is another common fitness myth, especially among women! Lifting weights and embracing a strength training routine does not mean you will become an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike. For a toned body, lift light weights (5-10 pounds) at high repetitions (10-15 per set). Not only will you tone your body, but strength training results in extra calorie burn post-workout. Who doesn’t love that?

The next time you are tempted to jump on the latest fitness bandwagon, do your research! Don’t fall for the myths, your body could suffer as a result!

This blog was written by Gabriella, our Campus Ambassador from Quinnipiac University. You can follow Gabriella on Twitter @gabberzgirl.