I Now Pronounce You....A Fall Intern !

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I Now Pronounce You....A Fall Intern !

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an internship announcement to make. FALL INTERNSHIPS ARE HERE AND THE TIME TO APPLY IS NOW !

EVENT: Fall Internship
WHEN: End of August/Beginning of September ----Mid-December
WHERE: Your Fall 2009 location (wherever that might be)
WHY: See Below
INTERN QUEEN EXPERIENCE: I took a Fall Internship at a small production company in Orlando, Florida while I attended University of Central Florida. I really wanted to head out to Los Angeles that summer and land a great production/entertainment internship. I had previous internships but none in the production/entertainment field. I knew that I needed a smaller company on my resume in order to land a big company opportunity for that summer. Sure enough, I was offered over 5 internships that summer at CBS, FOX, MTV, NBC, etc.

**I encourage all students to challenge themselves and participate in Fall and Spring internships for the 2009 – 2010 school year. It’s NOT necessary to intern every semester but I do suggest interning at least twice during either Spring or Fall over the course of your college years.

    Reasons To Become A Fall Intern


    The Internship Experience.

Just like a summer internship, your Fall internship will involve a chance to observe, listen, learn, and really get a hands-on experience in a workplace environment. You will have the opportunity to network and meet people that can really impact your future.


    Graduating Seniors.

This might be your last chance to put yourself right in front of a potential employer and great network of people who know people who know people (you get it).


    Focus on Your Future.

College is your time to try out many different career paths and meet as many people as you can. Spend your college years doing more than just partying in your spare time. Grab an internship a few days a week to get a taste of the realworld, try out a new career, and really get you thinking about your future.



Employers tend to be much less “needy” of student’s time during the school year. Most Fall internships only require students to be in the office 10 – 15 hours per week. Employers are more willing to work around the students work and school schedule because they understand the students needs at that time. They are also happy to receive the help over the school year. I encourage students to be very clear during their interviews about their other commitments (IE job, schoolwork, sorority/fraternity ).



We all know those college students who sit around all day watching television. Don’t be one of them! Learn to multi-task and become an organized intern! Once you get into the real world you will have to handle several tasks in one day and perform them in an organized fashion. Start with your internship. Always be prepared and ready to perform at school, work, and your internship.


    Feel Good.

At the end of the day, we all want to feel productive with our time and like we are doing something meaningful for our lives. With the constant “economy” conversation, it’s easy to feel unprepared for the workplace. Interning is something PROACTIVE that you can do to help yourself and your career. Do it for you. Each day you can leave your internship with a smile that you are doing something to really accelerate your career.


    Building Block.

Take your Fall semester to intern at a local company that interests you. Use this opportunity as a building block for a bigger experience over the Spring or Summer. Normally, well-known employers check your resume before hiring you to make sure you’ve had internship experience. Let this be your experience.

    I asked my friends on Twitter About The Importance of Fall Internships:

jennie_02@InternQueen A great learning experience.

smt504@InternQueen Fall internships give you a lot more time to gain experience since it is a 4-6 month term and it teaches you time management!

hji07@InternQueen I wish I would have done an internship, prior to me graduating. It helps so much to have worked in your major before graduating.

ACrimaldi@InternQueen I would love a fall internship but I wish I went to school in the city! I'm in Columbia,MO. I'll have to check your site.

MattWilsontv@InternQueen Working 4 someone gives u the opp. to find out what u r passionate about. Get as many experiences as possible! via @annevision.

zakmo@InternQueen because you should have at least 2, semester-long (or longer) internships on your resume.

jjaime@InternQueen more experience! Plus working on work-study balance that will help if you want a Masters Degree while working.

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