I want a Fashion or Legal Internship - Now What?

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I want a Fashion or Legal Internship - Now What?


Q: Hi , my name is Olivia and I'm in desperate need of an internship. I
would really love to work as a lawyers intern. In NYC. I am also interested
in working at an fashion magazine intern . If you have any help please
contact me, Thanks !

Olivia, Anonymous College Student

A: Hi Olivia!

Legal internships are extremely popular. I work with a few on my site but I would really suggest that you go into your career center at school and see who they have relationships with around town or nationally. Remember, they spend all day making great relationships for you to utilize! If you are interested in fashion, I can definitely be helpful. Check out the listings on my sitehttp://www.internqueen.com and apply for whatever you might be interested in. I would also check with your career center and the fashion department at your school. Both fashion and legal internships are very popular and extremely competitive so I would start looking into them and applying ASAP.

Remember, internships are a chance for you to try out different fields and see which one is a fit for you. I encourage you to try out both fashion and Law opportunities and weigh the pros and cons of each. I'm so excited for you to begin your internship journey. Make sure you apply to tons of opportunities (at least 10) so that you make sure you land something.

Good luck!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"