I Want An Internship But Don't Have Experience And Need Money!

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I Want An Internship But Don't Have Experience And Need Money!

Q: Hi Intern Queen,

I first, wanted to thank you for making this service free. I&m sure this will help many succeed. I was hoping you were able to give me some advice. I&m a public relations/journalism major at Rowan University in New Jersey. I&m looking for internships everywhere, but running into three problems. 1.) They are either scams or questionable. 2.) I need to get a job, but I also need experience. Interns are rarely paid, and I&m finding that they are all far away. Driving to North Jersey would be impossible with no green in the wallet. 3.) The posts usually ask for experience or other requirements, but experience is what I’m trying to obtain. I&m hard working and trustworthy.

I’m passionate about working in PR and Journalism but I need an opportunity. I’m becoming frustrated, but I can’t give about because I believe I have a lot to offer.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Ashley, Student at Rowan University

A: Hi Ashley,

Glad you like the site. If you feel like you are reading an internship ad and its a scam - avoid it - that&s not a good sign. If you are unsure, bring it into your career center or show a professor and get their opinion. It&s very normal for PR/Communications internships to be unpaid. Because they are unpaid, they normally require only 15 hours per week. With that time commitment, it is possible to manage a part-time job and an unpaid internship. If you cannot find internship listings in your area, make your own list. Do some research, talk to locals, speak to your career center, and find 5-10 companies in your area that you could intern for. Even if they don&t advertise internship programs on their websites or on other career sites - call them up! Ask them if they have an internship coordinator you can speak with . If they&ve never had interns - ask if you can be the first. Make your own rules! If you don&t have experience on your resume, that&s when you start to pull from other areas. List any extra-curricular activities, relevant coursework, or volunteer experience. In your cover letter, address the fact that this is one of your first internships and will be a huge learning experience for you. Make it clear that you have researched the company and you are ready to learn everything you can - let them feel your passion in the cover letter.

Good Luck!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"