I Want A Magazine Internship and I’m in High School

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I Want A Magazine Internship and I’m in High School


Q: Hello,

I am Carolyn. I am a junior in high school, and this summer I hope to intern in New York at a magazine. Over the summer, I interned at a local style magazine. Now I am the Life Style editor of this publication. I maintain a 4.14 GPA, am involved in countless extracurriculars (including yearbook), and am a really hard worker.

I am beginning to plan where I want to apply. I know that getting a summer internship is challenging, especially as someone in high school, but I'm still determined. I am a bit stumped on where I should actually apply. Right now I have on my list Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Self, Marie Claire, and Lucky. I would like to apply to many more, but I want to make sure that it is fitting to my age. I'm not going to apply to Vogue because that would be so overwhelming and completely unattainable. Do you have any advice on where else I should apply?

Also, my plan was to email everyone at the magazine my resume and cover letter along with human resources. Is that excessive? Inappropriate? And is a resume and cover letter all that people normally send?

Lastly, do most magazines require school credit? If so, could it be high school credit? I'm not even sure if that is possible, but I'm willing to talk to my counselor.

I'm sorry for the long email! I have so many questions!

Thank you,


A: Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the email. First, make sure that you check out INTERN QUEEN PHONE. We have conference calls coming up with internship coordinators from CollegeCandy.com and Marie Claire and these would be great questions to ask them and to ask them their opinions on what you can do in high school to get ahead.

I'm extremely impressed by you! As a high school student, you will find a few challenges in going to work for the larger corporate companies as most have strict HR policies in place and will only hire currently enrolled college students. That being said, smaller publications and your favorite blogs/websites will be willing to hire you as a high school student. I like that you are making a list of the companies where you would like to work, continue that list but again, focus on smaller companies that might not have huge HR policies in place.

Make sure that in your cover letter you state that you are in high school but be clear about your commitment level, your experience, and how passionate you are about the opportunity. I would also include the days and times each week that you are available for an internship. You don't want to email everyone at the magazine, you want to selectively email the right person. I would absolutely start with the HR director, unless you personally know someone else at the company. Start with the HR director, if you don't hear back within 5 days I would send another follow up email. Send a resume, cover letter, and any writing samples you might already have. If you get a rejection letter, write them back and thank them for taking the time to look over your materials and ask them if they have any advice for you moving forward in your search. And I absolutely think you should speak to your high school counselor about school credit. Many high schools are developing programs where high school students can get credit for an internship. If this is the case, make sure you state this in your cover letter, as this may clear you for the bigger companies you'd like to intern at. I'm so proud of you - you really should be proud of yourself and how much you've achieved at such a young age.

Good luck and keep me posted!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"