I Want to Own a Record Label, Where Do I Start?

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I Want to Own a Record Label, Where Do I Start?


Q: Hi Lauren,

I'm the student reporter who interviewed you after your second presentation
at Adelphi on Wednesday; thanks again for the opportunity! I'm a freshman,
and although I'm still not sure whether I'll be trying to get an internship
this year, I definitely plan to start by next year.

Eventually, my goal is to start my own record label. I was wondering if you
could give me any advice on how I can start preparing to own my own business,
or anything I can do now that would benefit me in the future.

I definitely enjoyed your presentation. You do a great job at getting
important messages through to students!



A: Hi Hannah!

I love hearing from other entrepreneurs and I'm glad you are starting to think about this now. I would absolutely suggest you get an internship ASAP at a record label. You could start off with an indie label and then go onto a larger label. You might want to do a few different internships so that you can learn all aspects of the business (A & R, Publicity, Talent, Etc). If you are going to run your own label it will be very important for you to really understand all aspects of the business. You might even want to consider taking a job after you graduate at a record label, just to make sure that you really understand everything that goes into the making of a label.

I would also suggest setting some informational meetings with Record Label Executives that you admire. Go into your career center or alumni center and see if any Adelphi alums happen to work in the music industry - this would be a great place to start. I'd also start a LinkedIn page and that will be a way to see if you are already connected to someone in that business.

Make sure to check out the Warner Music Group Spring and Summer Internships Here.

Good luck!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"