I'm a Chai Latte, What About You?

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I'm a Chai Latte, What About You?

This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Let us know what Coffee you are?

In an attempt to do a more “fun” Intern Queen blog, I&ve compiled a list of common coffee shop orders and what your standard drink says about your personality. None of these should be taken too seriously, of course!

Plain coffee, black – You&re all business – the kind of person who never stops moving. You need caffeine and you need it now. For your extra busy days – when there&s not even time to sip on a drink – a shot or two of espresso will have to do.

Mocha – You&re afraid of commitment. You drink something that&s very chocolatey, but still has a little kick. You need some caffeine, but you&re not ready to commit to something as intense as regular coffee.

Hot Chocolate – You&re a sentimental person – lingering on days spent ice skating on your town&s pond, boogers dripping down your nose like little green icicles – and still love drinking hot chocolate, just like back then. Like the mocha people, you haven&t quite managed to make it to coffee yet, and probably only go to coffee shops because your caffeine addict friends need their fix!

Tea – You&re relaxed and generally go with the flow. I&ve never met a tea drinker that was a stressed-out person. You may wear thick-rimmed glasses and have a mustache, if you&re a guy (or a girl, I suppose.  I&m not here to judge).

Fruit smoothie – You&re a health nut! You know coffee isn&t the best for you (your teeth OR your budget  if you run to Starbucks for your latte every morning) so you stick with fruit! Of course, you make sure it&s made from real fruit with no unnecessary sugars.

Iced coffee – You have strongly-held beliefs. Many people that like iced coffee just LOVE it, and will pick it every time over hot coffee. You&ve got your convictions and you stick to your guns, even when others challenge your ideas.