I'm in High School and Want to Intern

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I'm in High School and Want to Intern

Q:Hi Lauren,

My Name is Valeria and I&m 16 years old. I live in Peru. I&m just finishing High School this year and next year I will start studying Comunications and Advertising in College. I would love to intern for the summer in any fashion magazine in NYC. DO you think that would be possible despite my age?

I want to be able to be there and learn about how a magazine is produced because I want to make sure that it&s the right career chosing. And also because in the future, my goal is to be part of a succesfull publication preferently in NYC and I want to live the experience.

Which are my options?

A: Hi Valeria,

Thanks for the note. Congratulations on graduating high school. More and more high school students are starting to consider internships, it&s impressive that you are so focused on your future! In terms of this summer, many of the well-known magazine internships are already filled. That being said, there are several smaller publications that are still looking for interns. Another option for you would be a virtual internship, perhaps writing for a fashion blog or website. I suggest doing some research on smaller magazines in New York, local magazines in Peru, and also websites that still need interns. Check on my site and also check ed2010, a great resource for magazine writers. Starting at a local magazine might be a great first experience for you and then you can pursue an internship in New York City next summer. What local magazines do you read? What does your family read? Make a list of 10 publications that you are interested in, go to their websites, find career information, and follow the instructions to apply for an internship. If they list no information, call the company and ask to speak to the internship coordinator. Stay focused and good luck! And enjoy college!

Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"