I'm in High School And Want to Intern...NOW!

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I'm in High School And Want to Intern...NOW!

Q: Hello,

I&m a senior at a Westchester highschool and am looking for an internship in Westchester or NYC from April-June. I have looked through many internships listed on your site, but every one i find says "no high school students." I am eighteen, outgoing, a hard worker, and would be willing to work in many different fields. Do you know of any opportunities for me? Thank you so much - Chandler

A: Hi Chandler,

I don&t currently work with any Westchester opportunities. The closest I can get you is in NYC. Here is what I suggest:

1. Personal Connections/Relationships. Think to yourself...who do I know that works in the industry I&m interested in? Who do my parents/brothers/sisters/grandparents know locally that might be willing to let me intern a few days per week?

2. Set a meeting with your school guidance counselor.

3. Make a list of your top 10 local companies - even try some NYC companies if you want. Start with smaller/local companies to get some experience under your belt.

4. Be ready to explain to an employer why you are the PERFECT candidate - even though you are still in high school.

5. Remember, ANYTHING is possible!

xx Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"