I'm a Huge Fan Of The Company I Want To Intern For....

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I'm a Huge Fan Of The Company I Want To Intern For....


Q: I was browsing internships and came across the "Bop"
entertainment/journalism post. I am an avid pop-culture fan, and as strange
as it may sound very up to date on the "teeny-bopper" scene. For example, I
have attended quite a few Jonas brothers concerts in my day, and have met
them on countless occasions. I'm unsure how to go about showing this on my
resume. Basically, I feel I would be a perfect candidate for this internship,
but don't know how to explain myself. Do you have any tips? I want to make
sure I get everything right before applying for my dream internship :).

Christina, Student at Eastern Michigan University

A: Hi Christina,

It's great that you are already familiar with the magazine and that it played a role in your personal life. When applying for a job or internship position you always want to do your homework on the company and become familiar with any products/services they might offer. You are ahead of the game by already being familiar with this product. You can speak about the magazine intelligently and I think the fact that you are a personal fan, can be helpful. The best way to let the employer know about this would be to mention it in the cover letter and in the interview. Tell the employer that you have been familiar with the publication for X amount of years and that you were personally a reader. People want to hire others that share a common interest in their business. You clearly are interested.

Good luck!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"