I'm in Michigan. Can I intern somewhere else?

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I'm in Michigan. Can I intern somewhere else?


Q: Hi Lauren!

I am looking to apply for internships, and it has always been my goal to
complete one somewhere like LA or NY. I am a current resident of Michigan, so
i've come to your site to see internship opportunities in various cities. I
was wondering if companies generally take on interns if their "home-base" is
far away, as Michigan would be in this case. I have relatives near both LA
and NY, and someone once told me to use their address on a resume, but I
don't know if I really should do that. Any advice would be great!

Christina, Student at Eastern Michigan University

A: Hi Christina!

Thanks for the note. You can absolutely apply for internships out of the state where you live or go to school. Companies in major metropolitan areas are constantly hiring interns from out-of-state. LA and NYC are the most common internship destinations followed by Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. You can include your school address on the resume but in your cover letter you need to explain to the employer that you plan on being in LA or NYC for the Summer of 2011. Decide where you want to live for the summer and stop at nothing to find an opportunity in that location. Thousands of students do this each summer. Good luck!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"